CORSAIR Announces LGA 1700-Compatible RGB ELITE Series CPU Coolers

CORSAIR, a world leader in enthusiast components for gamers, creators, and PC builders, today announced a new line of all-in-one RGB CPU coolers for performance-minded DIY enthusiasts: H100i RGB ELITE, H115i RGB ELITE, and H150i RGB ELITE Liquid CPU Coolers. Featuring wide compatibility with the latest Intel® and AMD® sockets – including LGA 1700 and AM5 – and first-class airflow thanks to their new CORSAIR AF ELITE Series cooling fans, RGB ELITE coolers deliver high-caliber cooling to keep your CPU temperatures down, even when the action is heating up.

AF ELITE Series fans also launch today as standalone offerings. Available in either black or white and in 120mm or 140mm sizes, AF ELITE fans take advantage of powerful CORSAIR AirGuide technology and ultra-quiet fluid dynamic bearings to deliver robust, concentrated airflow. For cooling that keeps your system performing at its best, take AF ELITE fans for a spin.The H100i RGB ELITE, H115i RGB ELITE, and H150i RGB ELITE combine compelling aesthetics, ease of use, and essential cooling suited for nearly any system. Included AF ELITE PWM fans deliver a torrent of powerful airflow with minimal noise, thanks to CORSAIR AirGuide technology and a fluid dynamic bearing. Each new AIO cooler efficiently disperses heat through a high-surface-area radiator in a size that fits your build – either 240mm, 280mm, or 360mm, respectively. A refined, contemporary pump head design emanates lighting from 16 individually addressable RGB LEDs, controlled with the rest of your RGB setup via powerful CORSAIR iCUE software for stunning synchronized effects and integrated lighting with select games.

The driving force behind RGB ELITE Series performance is new AF ELITE Series fans, also launching today in single fan kits. With CORSAIR AirGuide technology, each fan utilizes anti-vortex vanes to direct a narrow, forceful stream of air toward your hottest components, whether you use the fans with your radiator, or as intake or exhaust case fans. A durable fluid dynamic bearing keeps noise levels low, while PWM control gives you precise command over fan speeds, up to 1,850 RPM for 120mm and 1,600 RPM for 140mm. Support for Zero RPM mode lets AF ELITE fans stop spinning entirely at low temperatures, eliminating unwanted noise completely. For builders who prioritize performance above all, AF ELITE fans are in a new class of cooling.

The H100i RGB ELITE, H115i RGB ELITE, and H150i RGB ELITE will be compatible with AM5, the next-generation AMD motherboard socket, which uses the same cooler bracket as AM4. This means there’s no need to purchase new brackets or replace your RGB ELITE cooler when upgrading your system to the upcoming AM5 platform. The RGB ELITE Series also supports LGA 1700 out of the box for cooling the latest Intel 12th Generation Core™ processors, as well as legacy support for LGA 1200, LGA 115x, LGA 2066, and AM4.

Installing your RGB ELITE CPU Cooler is easy and intuitive thanks to its modular, tool-free mounting bracket and conveniently placed USB Type-C power and fan harness for a quick connection. An extended five-year warranty guarantees your cooler will last throughout your processor’s lifespan.

SizesH100i, H115i, H150iH100i, H115i, H150i, H170iH100i, H150i, H170i
Fan BearingFluid DynamicMagnetic LevitationMagnetic Levitation
Fan Noise10 – 30 dBa10 – 36 dBa10 – 30 dBa
Fan RGBX8 RGB LEDs per fan8 RGB LEDs per fan
Tubing Length400 – 450mm380mm380mm
AMD CompatibilityAM5, AM4, sTR4, sTRX4AM5, AM4, AM3+/FM, sTR4, sTRX4AM5, AM4, sTR4, sTRX4
Intel CompatibilityLGA 1700, 1200, 115X, 2066LGA 1700, 1200, 115X, 2066LGA 1700, 1200, 115X, 2066, 2011
MSRP$139.99 – $179.99$149.99 – $229.99$259.99 – $309.99
Availability, Warranty, and Pricing
The CORSAIR AF ELITE Series fans are available immediately from the CORSAIR webstore and the CORSAIR worldwide network of authorized retailers and distributors. The CORSAIR RGB ELITE Series CPU Coolers will be available at a later date. For up-to-date availability information, please refer to the CORSAIR website or contact your local CORSAIR sales or PR representative.

The CORSAIR RGB ELITE Series CPU Coolers are backed by a five-year warranty, and AF ELITE Series fans are backed by a two-year warranty, alongside the CORSAIR worldwide customer service and technical support network.

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