AMD has been eager to share renders and pictures of its mockups of Ryzen 7000 “AM5” package with a brand new integrated heatspreader. However, those mockups were likely not real processors. On the other hand, we have new photos with clear ‘AMD ENG SAMPLE’ label as visible in the video:

A leak dating as far back as January this year, provided two OPN codes for AMD engineering samples: 665 and 666. The former is supposedly a 16-core CPU with 32 threads, whereas the 666 is an 8-core SKU. Such configuration would obviously suggest a Ryzen 9 7950X(T) SKU or however AMD is going to call it.

  • AMD Eng Sample: 100-000000665-21_N [Family 25 Model 96 Stepping 0] – 16 core / 32 thread

  • AMD Eng Sample: 100-000000666-21_N [Family 25 Model 96 Stepping 0] – 8 core / 16 thread

A sample with OPN code of 665 appeared in a MilkyWay@Home leak where the software detected 32 processors, which is how it reads the number of threads. As we can see, the leak is dated December 24 2021, so this engineering sample is likely very old. In fact the photograph above clearly mentions 2021 as production date.

AMD Raphael Zen4, Source: MilkyWay@Home

The video goes through the process of CPU installation for AMD’s new AM5/LGA1718 socket. It is definitely worth checking out, but it probably won’t be very useful for another few months, which is when those new Zen4 desktop CPUs are expected to launch.


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