We have some fresh pictures of the upcoming Radeon RX 6x50XT graphics cards from four companies. 

So far, there is no sign that AMD board partners will be selling reference RX 6x50XT graphics cards. The information that we have suggests that AMD is focusing on partner designs, but reference cards will be sold through the AMD website.

Sapphire is preparing RX 6750XT NITRO and PULSE designs, both cards are based on existing 6700XT models with no visible changes whatsoever.

Sapphire RX 6750XT Series, Source: VideoCardz

MSI is rolling out multiple GAMING TRIO and MECH 2X cards:

ASRock is focusing on its Challenger series for both SKUs as well:

ASRock RX 6x50XT Challenger Series, Source: VideoCardz

However, the $549 6750XTmodel will also be availed under Phantom Gaming brand. Meanwhile, XFX will spawn multiple cards featuring its Speedster series.

ASRock/XFX RX 6750XT Challenger Series, Source: VideoCardz

For this company, the RX 6650XT is clearly the focus. XFX will launch SWFT 210, MERC 308 and QICK 308 models all for one SKU. Also, this is a great opportunity to see the difference between all three designs.

XFX RX 6650XT Speedster Series, Source: VideoCardz


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