NVIDIA could keep the design similar to RTX 30 series for its next-gen Ada graphics cards.

New photos allegedly showing RTX 4090-class GPU have been shared on Chiphell forums (via Wccftech). Those pictures show the nearly identical cooling solution to RTX 3090 Ti graphics card. The cooler’s base where it makes contact with the GPU and the memory looks to be upgraded to a large block.

Assuming that those photos are real, NVIDIA would keep its dual-axial fan design, with two fans pointing in two different directions. Furthermore, with a quick glance, one can notice that RTX 4090 heatsink has more fins than RTX 3090 Ti cooler.

The RTX 4090 Ti heatsink would be quite similar to RTX 3090 Ti in terms of design and the fact that Founders Edition (NVIDIA reference model) will retain its V-shaped PCB layout. The baseplate is much larger, though, as confirmed by the photos from TechPowerUP RTX 3090 Ti review. This SKU is considered a test vehicle for AD102 GPU.

Furthermore, photos of the RTX 4090 TI frame were among the shared photos. Due to the nature of this leak, which is a very poor resolution of the original photos, one cannot be sure that those are indeed real photos or rather a Photoshop attempt.

One should note that a very similar leak happened on Chiphell nearly exactly 2 years ago, just 3 months ahead of the GeForce RTX 3080 announcement. At this point, one might wonder why GeForce next-gen cooling always shows on Chinese forums before launch.
According to the most recent leaks, RTX 40 series are to be expected in Mid-July. The RTX 4090 class GPU would offer 16128 CUDA cores, 21 Gbps GDDR6X memory and 450W TDP.


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