ADATA officially announced its new line of DDR5 XPG Caster memory, designed to achieve maximum performance on the new AMD and Intel platforms thanks to its speeds of up to 7000 MT/s, an increase of 118% compared to DDR4 3200 MT memory. /s used by most users.As part of this announcement, Fabio Selvaggio, ADATA’s Country Manager for Argentina and Uruguay, stated: “From ADATA’s XPG division we always try to offer products for all types of players, from the casual gamer to the most demanding, and for the latter segment today we present the XPG Caster memory with speeds of up to 7000 MT/s, offering the fastest memory on the market so that our users can obtain the maximum possible performance in their new PC. These memories use the highest quality components to guarantee stability at these high frequencies, and also offer customizable RGB lighting compatible with all motherboards currently offered in the Latin American market, making them the ideal option for the user looking for the maximum performance on your PC.”

ADATA XPG Hunter memories have XMP 3.0 support to perform automatic overclocking and get the most out of them with a single click, and also have a Power Management Integrated Circuit to regulate the voltage directly in the memory module and support to Error Correction Code (ECC), which will allow obtaining great stability and reliability of the data.

To achieve these high speeds of 7000 MT/s, XPG Hunter memory features a metal heatsink that will keep the memory modules cool, and also significantly improves the aesthetics of the modules thanks to its futuristic design and customizable RGB lighting. through software from all major motherboard manufacturers, including Asrock, Asus, Biostar, Gigabyte, and MSI, among others.

These memories are available in versions with speeds of 6000 MT/s and 6400 MT/s, and also in the coming weeks a new version will arrive that will reach 7000 MT/s, allowing maximum performance to be achieved on platforms that use this new memory standard. .
Availability – XPG Caster

The ADATA XPG Caster memories will reach the Latin American market in the coming weeks, and you can find them along with the rest of the ADATA catalog in the main stores in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and much of Central America.


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