Intel plan to launch its ARC A-Series desktop graphics cards in Q2

Intel launched their first ARC series graphics cards last month, and to say that the launch was disappointing is an understatement. While Intel had some interesting showcases for their new ARC series mobile GPUs, systems with these graphics cards were nowhere to be found at retailers. While Intel proclaimed that systems with their ARC series mobile GPUs were “available now”, you’d be lucky to find an Intel ARC series laptop outside of Samsung’s South Korean homeland.During the company’s Q1 2022 earnings call, Intel’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger, confirmed that they would be launching “desktop SKUs” of their ARC series GPUs in Q2 2022. Intel had already confirmed that they would be launching ARC series desktop graphics cards this Summer, but now we have a slightly tighter release timeframe.

Currently, Intel appears to be working on driver optimisations for their new ARC series graphics cards. These optimisations will be critical when their products start to be compared with competing products from AMD and Nvidia, especially now that GPU pricing has lowered to more sane levels.

Gelsinger confirmed that Intel has plans to launch ARC 5, 7, and 9 series desktop graphics cards this year. At this time, it is unknown how well these new GPUs will perform when compared to today’s existing Radeon and Geforce product lines.

We’ll have the desktop SKUs coming in Q2. And we’ll have more SKUs as we go through the year as well. We’ll be filling out the product line. A lot of work, right, in qualifying games. And if you’re a gamer, you know that there’s just a lot of individual optimization work on some of the key titles so that work is underway, working with our OEMs to populate their portfolios of products as well.

Intel’s ARC series graphics cards are now gradually making their way onto the mobile PC market, and it will take some time before PC gamers will be able to use Intel ARC series graphics cards as part of a dedicated gaming system.


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