On May 10th, AMD is (probably) set to formally confirm the official release of its new Radeon 6000 refreshed graphics cards. We say probably as, at the time of writing, we are still pending an official confirmation and/or launch event from the company. – With this believed to include three new models, however, the 6650XT, 6750XT, and 6950XT, interesting things are definitely coming. And more so considering that some sources have already claimed that rather than launching independently, these new revised GPUs will be completely replacing their base models. In other words, the 6600 XT, 6700 XT, and 6900 XT will be, effectively, ending production.
With the aforementioned lack of any official confirmation yet, however, this is just purely speculation. – Following a report via Videocardz, however, in regards to that May 10th release date, things do appear to be falling in line as ASRock has just registered their Radeon 6000 refreshed GPUs with the EEC including one particularly interesting possibility.

ASRock Registers Radeon 6X50XT Graphics Cards

As part of the registration, we can see clear references being made to five graphics card models from the upcoming revised Radeon 6000 series. So, in brief, it would appear that ASRock is preparing the release of two variants of the 6650 XT and 6750 XT. In regards to the 6950 XT, however, many believe that this may represent a new ‘OC Formula’ flagship model for the company.

One that would, if the above information is accurate, completely replace the existing 6900 XT OC Formula. A particular factor of interest since, when compared to other AIB models, the ASRock 6900 XT OC Formula represents one of the ‘fastest’ variants (clock speed etc.) currently available on the market.

What Do We Think?

While the 6950 XT is certainly a very interesting proposition, and not just solely from ASRock, the only apparent fly in the ointment is that we’ve already seen more than a few indications to suggest that it’s going to be expensive. And by this, we mean potentially comparable to the near £2,000 3090 Ti. – No, it will not be as expensive, but it seems that we’re in a similar position that while it may offer a lot of performance, it’s not going to come cheaply.

With the official release date still largely rumoured for May 10th, however, we don’t have much longer to wait before we find out for sure!


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